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"There is no need to be a flexible pretzel to get onto the mat, if you can breathe you can do Yoga! Come and swim in your breath and discover your full potential on the mat"

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Hi, I am Bianca. Practising Yoga and teaching the art of yoga, brings deep daily joy and reflection into my life and inspires me to remove layers of illusion to discover the true divine self. I am an ex Joburg gal, loving living in Cape Town with my children and my partner and extended family. It was during my pregnancy with my second child that I discovered Yoga and the beautiful connection it affords mother to child. After the birth of my second child, the Yoga bug had bitten and life had thrown in some valuable lessons - my teaching journey started in 2008, where I embarked on a yoga teacher training for children with Suzie Manson - Yoga4Kids. I found so much joy sharing yoga with children and wanted to dive deeper into this joy! In 2009, I completed 200hour Yoga Teacher Training with Kerry Weavind at the Haum of Yoga. Further workshops with wonderful inspiring teachers such as Patrick Creelman, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Gurmukh, Sean Corn and travels to India, ignited the passion and yearning to explore and delve deeper into the Yoga practice and it's very sacred philosophy. I believe that the practice of Yoga is in ALL we think, speak, and do and is infinite and that the breath is our connection to the deep well of our infinite Divine Being.



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"Our bodies communicate to us clearly & Specifically, if we are willing to listen" - Shakti Gawain

"Yoga is not about self improvment, its about self acceptance" - Gurmukh




Bianca has a rare and natural way with people. She has instinctive ease in both professional and teaching situations, putting people in their comfort zone and getting the best out of them through her caring manner. Bianca’s natural empathy with the people who she comes into contact demonstrates that she understands peoples’ needs, both on an emotional level but also on a practical level. She has a wide and holistic understanding of what constitutes the well-being of a person, which translates in her teaching style and the way in which she manages a classroom of people, as demonstrated through her role in my teacher training. Through both her yoga classes and her teacher training classes, Bianca demonstrates a confident manner, confidence which one senses is derived from the very core of her being - one has the sense that her classes are infused with the true essence of herself, which is never lost for a moment throughout her classes. It is a pleasure to have worked with Bianca in the capacities that I have.

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