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Bianca has a rare and natural way with people. She has instinctive ease in both professional and teaching situations, putting people in their comfort zone and getting the best out of them through her caring manner. Bianca’s natural empathy with the people who she comes into contact demonstrates that she understands peoples’ needs, both on an emotional level but also on a practical level. She has a wide and holistic understanding of what constitutes the well-being of a person, which translates in her teaching style and the way in which she manages a classroom of people, as demonstrated through her role in my teacher training. Through both her yoga classes and her teacher training classes, Bianca demonstrates a confident manner, confidence which one senses is derived from the very core of her being - one has the sense that her classes are infused with the true essence of herself, which is never lost for a moment throughout her classes. It is a pleasure to have worked with Bianca in the capacities that I have.

Becky Wild